Agents-based modeling for spatial processes in landscape geography

Institute for life, food and horticultural sciences and landscaping

Intensive Programme N° 2011-1-FR1-ERA10-25356


The intensive programme is built on two weeks:

During the first week, concepts of cellular automata (CA) and multi-agents systems (MAS) will be presented in a multidisciplinary approach taking into account for example the dimensions of geography, ecology and economics.
The students will be initiated to the free software NetLogo.

The second week will enable the students to put this knowledge into practice by working on 4 different projects.
The students will work in groups of two – 2 students from different country and specialty – on the following subject:

  • Modelling the ecological dynamics
  • Modelling the urban dynamics
  • Modelling land using
  • Modelling the dynamics of hydro-geomorphology