Agents-based modeling for spatial processes in landscape geography

Institute for life, food and horticultural sciences and landscaping

Intensive Programme N° 2011-1-FR1-ERA10-25356

Intensive Programme N° 2011-1-FR1-ERA10-25356

The intensive programme “Agents-based modelling for spatial processes in landscape geography” is a two-week training session that deals with the modern multi-agents modelling tools to be used in the space management, the planning and the territory sectors. 

9 European universities are associated to offer this multidisciplinary training in English to their students.

Expected outputs of the project are the development of a training in agents-based modelling for spatial processes in geography :

  • A group of about 40 students will be trained. The group will be composed of future executives willing to work in the field of the space/ planning and territory management in the private or public sector. They will be able to explore the issues, identify the processes at stake, implement a model and analyse the simulations with a scientific and critical point of view.
  • E-learning resources will be built up.
  • A teaching network on the topic will be created, enhancing exchange of good practice and methodologies between European lecturers.

Target students for the IP are Master or PhD students of the partner universities, willing to work and extend their skills in the field of the space, planning and territory management.


AGROCAMPUS OUEST - France  Université Paris 1 - Panthéon Sorbonne - France  Université d'Avgnon - France

Göttingen University  Universität Osnabrück - Germany  Universität Bonn - Germany

Ghent University - Belgium  Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Portugal  Università degli Studi di Firenze - Italia